Parents Should Take Advantage of Tax Credits

Some of the most valuable tax credits are for parents. The following seven credits and deductions may add up to significant tax savings if you qualify. Dependents.  In most cases, you can claim your child as a dependent. This applies even … Continued

Report Name Change Before You File Taxes

Did you change your name last year? Did your dependent have a name change? If the answer to either question is yes, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration before you file your tax return with the IRS. This … Continued

Tax Incentives for Higher Education

The tax code provides a variety of tax incentives for families who are saving for, or already paying, higher education costs or are repaying student loans. You may be able to claim a Hope and Lifetime Learning Credit for the qualified tuition and … Continued

Tips for Starting a Small Business

With the changes in the economy, entrepreneurship is gaining popularity as people are filling gaps left by companies that have folded or contracted during the downturn. There are numerous tax implications and financial considerations for starting a new business through … Continued