5 Post Busy Season Growth Ideas

Another busy season came and went. Hopefully, this one was easier than previous seasons. While many of you would like to check out mentally until June, consider instead what you will do with your next six to eight weeks. The months following the end of busy season present the most opportune time for generating new business opportunities or losing clients. Your prospects (and clients) experience with their existing firm is front and center in their mind. Below are five ideas for leveraging these critical few weeks leading into summer.

Ask for Referrals– Have happy clients? Make sure you ask for referrals. Referring your firm, especially knowing they are passing along a good provider, makes the client look good and feel good. Let your clients know you are open to receiving referrals by asking them for one. If you are uncomfortable, consider asking this on a survey or in an email. Don’t be frightened if they don’t offer up a name right away. Sometimes, the client just needs time to think about it.

Actively Reach out to Clients – Reach out to clients who you think could benefit from additional guidance. Even if they didn’t request it, follow up and let them know if you think there is something you can do that will put them in a better position next year. Books in bad shape? Consider offering some bookkeeping training. Were there taxes underpaid or significantly overpaid? Offer quarterly meetings with them.

Improve Your Processes– What do you want to change for next year to improve your processes? Streamlining your processes will not only make you more profitable, but it will help reduce your workload. Survey your team members and find out what worked and what didn’t work. More importantly, ask what they would change to improve efficiency. Find two or three things and start working on changing them now.

Recruit More Talent-don’t wait until August to recruit the talent you need. Start now. The recruiting process for most firms takes a lot of time. If you wait until the fall, you may miss out on great talent. Further, use the summer to enhance the skill sets of new team members by having them work on extensions.

Try Something New-Most of us are creatures of habit. We get content and comfortable. We are afraid to try something new. Now is the time to expand your comfort zone and try alternatives. Whether it’s an idea listed here or finally trying social media, you can’t expect a different result with your current tactics.

What post busy season ideas do you plan to implement this year? If you are looking for ideas, call us, we are here to help.

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