Top 5 Predictions for Accounting Firm Growth in 2022

The past two years have brought many changes, challenges, and opportunities to the accounting profession. When looking at what to expect in 2022, three factors will influence everything that occurs in the profession this year: Graying of geographic boundariesRemote work … Continued

6 Ways to Amplify Your Employer Brand

Accounting firms have faced a talent shortage for more than a decade. In what was already a competitive market, one of the outcomes of the post-pandemic environment is a significantly more competitive environment for talent. Competing today isn’t just about … Continued

Top 4 Trends Shaping Accounting Firms in 2021

The unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have created what will be lasting changes for accounting firms in regard to business development and marketing. For many firms, these events forced a faster evolution of marketing than they expected or planned … Continued

ENGAGE 2019 Takeaways

Engage Takeaways Conference season is a great time to meet with the boldest and brightest minds in our profession. AICPA ENGAGE 2019 was no exception. This year, conference speakers wowed me with their ideas for innovation, growth, and evolution. Here … Continued

2019 Accounting Firm Growth Trends & Predictions

In 2018, CPAs faced historic tax changes; they also found themselves at the precipice of the Transformation Economy. The world of accounting is evolving at a fevered pace. Knowing the trends that are shaping growth for the accounting firm of tomorrow will help you move up the value chain. Here are 5 trends that should be on your radar for 2019.

6 Tips For Improving Your Client Experience

As today’s decision makers shift, so too are the expectations around client service. Understanding what clients want is important. While there are some trends or commonalities across generations, the fact is, people are changing. To exceed client expectations, it’s important that CPA firms pay close attention to their client experience and invest in it. Here are six tips to help you to improve your client experience.

2018 Accounting Firm Growth Trends & Predictions

January is a great time to take advantage of growth opportunities and re-evaluate your policies, taking into consideration the trends and changes we anticipate in the profession. This article will identify a few key areas accounting firms should focus on in 2018.

5 Post Busy Season Business Development Activities

Each year, tax season ends and we think about what’s next. Often, that means revisiting marketing and business development activities. While we believe you should continue marketing during tax season because it’s the very best time to grow your business, … Continued

New LinkedIn Changes & What They Mean for CPAs

If you have logged into LinkedIn recently, you may have been surprised by its new look. No, you did not type in the wrong URL. LinkedIn has released a new user interface aimed at streamlining the user experience, making navigation much easier. There are quite a few functionality changes you should be aware of. Below is a summary of what you need to know:

23rd Mid-Year Meeting Takeaways

This year’s mid-year meeting was in Austin, Texas. We had over 20 members and prospects attend the meeting. Below is a synopsis of the session highlights: