Checking the Status of Your Tax Refund

Did you know you can check the status of your 2017 tax refund online? The “Where’s My Refund?” tool is available on and through the IRS mobile app, IRS2GO.

  • E-filers can check the status of a return within 24 hours after the IRS received their return.
  • Paper-filers can check the status of a return four weeks after they mail a paper return.

Updated daily, “Where’s My Refund?” has the most up-to-date information about the status of your refund. The tool displays when your return is received, approved and sent. After the IRS approves the refund, an actual refund date is provided.

To check the status of your refund you will need three pieces of information:

  1. your social security number or ITIN,
  2. your filing status,
  3. your exact refund amount.

Remember, some tax returns require additional processing time. We’ve listed some of the most common circumstances below that can impact refund timing.

  • Filing a return that includes errors or is incomplete. The IRS will contact taxpayers by mail if it needs more information to process a return.
  • Taxpayers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit may experience a refund hold. By law, the IRS cannot issue these refunds before mid-February.
  • Tax-related Identity Theft or Fraud
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