Welcome and thank you for registering! Our meeting platform is live! Read below to find helpful information on what you can to do prepare for our virtual meeting and tips for navigating through our event platform to access resources, engage with speakers and attendees, and participate in meeting activities!

We are hosting the 2020 meeting using the online meeting platform Whova. To get full meeting experience, please plan on using both the mobile and desktop version of Whova.

Why should I (attendee) download the mobile app?
The Whova app supercharges your meeting experience.

  • Connect with other members
  • Interact with speakers
  • Leave a comment on a session
  • Share on social media easily
  • Get real time event updates through push notifications

To take advantage of the many features that are exclusive to mobile app users, please download the mobile app as soon as possible.  

How will I (attendee) use the desktop platform?
You can view the sessions on your larger computer screen or through your mobile app. But, if you’re anything like us, a bigger screen is better! Plan on using both mediums the day of the meeting, this way, you can take advantage of all the engagement opportunities through the mobile app while viewing our sessions on the “big screen.” Because we are live streaming from Zoom, we suggest you log in to the desktop app through the Chrome browser.

Click the button below to download the mobile app and set up your desktop login.

Get Whova Now

I’ve downloaded the app. Now what?

  • After downloading the app, please click the Sign-Up/Sign In button and enter your information to create an account. You will be asked for an event invitation code after installing Whova. The event invitation code is CPASNET2020. We also recommend that you update your notification settings to enable notifications from Whova so you don’t miss important messages.
  • Update your attendee profile. You can add a photo, update social handles, bio, education, interests, and more!

What can I do leading up to the meeting to prepare?
Please take a moment to review the app and familiarize yourself with the different menu options available:

  • Home – Upon logging in, you will find a list of additional resources (see details below), an overview of our event, and the main navigation menu along the bottom.
  • Agenda – View our meeting agenda, find details on each session, and customize your agenda to include the sessions you wish to attend. To do this, simply click on a session and then click + Add to My Agenda.
  • Attendees – Browse speakers and attendees and connect with them! Simply scroll through the list and select a speaker or attendee to see additional details. Click Message or Say Hi to engage before the meeting.
  • Community – We have lots of FUN planned in this section! Click the + button to Follow a particular conversation.
    • Keep tabs on
      • Organizer Announcements
      • Meet-Ups and Virtual Meets (Register for Mixology by 11/1, Submit Roundtable Questions by 11/3)
      • Break the Ice!Feel free to answer as many as you want and add more!
      • Article Sharing – Share a helpful article
      • Discussion Topics – These topics are added by the speakers and are a great way to engage leading up to a session
      • Session Q&A (covered below)
    • Please note, all posts added here are public. To send a private message, read below.
  • Messages – If you wish to send a private message to an organizer, speaker, or attendee, navigate here to create a new message.

Looking for our Networking Event?

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for one person: https://airtable.com/shryjFTiMO5oGqXte
for two people (yes, have your spouse sit in!)https://airtable.com/shrMWgqfQJ6tDLWtb

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