If you’re reading this, you understand the benefits of collaborating with other accounting and advisory professionals. The problem is, you haven’t found the right community. Our members recognize the power of community and harness CPAsNET resources available to them that lead to growth and success.

Just like your firm has its own culture, each association is unique! Whether you’ve tried membership elsewhere, and it didn’t work, or you’re growing and need additional resources and support, explore what makes membership with CPAsNET unique.

Flat-fee membership dues

Many accounting firms invest a lot of money to join an association, but they don’t always get as much out of the community as they could (or would like). Maybe you’re already part of an association or network or were a member of one and left because you didn’t realize the value you wanted. What if you could get more for your investment? CPAsNET’s flat-fee membership rate doesn’t grow just because you do – but your ROI will.

International finesse

As a CPAsNET member, you’re immediately connected with more than 120 firms in 93 countries, giving you the ability to serve your clients with global insight and international finesse.

Strategic Partnerships

To help provide members with cutting-edge resources that help them keep up with the pace of change, CPAsNET fosters various strategic partnerships.  Our most recent strategic partnership with Aprio, a Top 50 firm, provides firms with direct access to highly sought-after experts at one of the largest independent full-service CPA firms in the country. Learn more about our strategic partnership with Aprio!

CPAsNET also has a relationship with Avantax Wealth Management to provide Registered Investment Advisory Services worldwide.


As a member firm, you’ll benefit from a tight-knit community that shares resources tailored for and created by like-minded firms to grow together.

Our internal team – and member firms – are more hands-on to ensure you get the support you need. As with any association, you only get out of it what you put in. We are known to challenge our members and work alongside you to grow your firm and be the accountability partner you need.

Membership Benefits

If your firm is overwhelmed by a sudden surge of legislative changes, meeting client demands, and growing your revenue, you are not alone. We have a solution that doesn’t involve you putting in more hours at the office – or paying additional costs for add-ons. Manage your firm’s challenges without reinventing the wheel.