New Facebook Layouts & What They Mean for CPAs

If your firm is on Facebook, you may be surprised by the look of your company page. On August 24th, Facebook updated all business pages to one of its new designs. The new layout aims to help businesses showcase essential information and make it easier for people to engage with your company online. There are several changes to be aware of; below is a summary of what you need to know.

Current vs. New Template

Although Facebook automatically updated page layouts on August 24, you do not have to use the new design. You can switch back to the standard layout or choose another by navigating to your page settings. There are template options designed especially for businesses, services, venues, movies, nonprofits, politicians, restaurants, shopping, and video experiences. We suggest CPA firms utilize the business or services page layout.

Key Differentiators Features

To determine which layout is right for your firm, consider which features you will use. For a complete comparison of features between standard, business, and services page layouts, click here. Below, we have highlighted the key page differentiators and how CPA firms can use them.

  • Groups: list the groups that you’ve linked to your firm page
  • Offers: list any offers that your firm may be promoting
  • Jobs: list job openings at your firm
  • Events: lists your upcoming events
  • Services: a space dedicated to highlighting the services your firm offers

Mobile Platform

As of January 2018, according to device usage of Facebook users worldwide, it was found that 95.1 percent of active user accounts accessed the social network via smartphone. Facebook’s new layouts will improve the way businesses appear in its mobile app. For instance, services and upcoming events will be featured front and center, making it easy for users to interact with businesses. With the new mobile layout, businesses can also post stories, or photos and videos to the top of their page.

The Bottom Line

While a change like this isn’t always fun, the new updates to Facebook layouts will make it easier for your firm to engage with your clients and build your brand. If you have questions about the new updates, call us, we are here to help.

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