The Benefits of Combining Your Advertising with Thought Leadership

It is likely your firm already incorporates advertising into its marketing initiatives. It is also likely that your messaging strategy promotes thought leadership within a particular industry or service offering. While both of these approaches work well individually, they can be even more impactful when used together. Combining advertising with thought leadership can help make a bigger splash in the marketplace. This article will review the benefits this dynamic duo has to offer and walk you through the steps of implementing a campaign around thought leadership.

Determining goals and objectives
What do you hope to accomplish from running an advertisement? Answering this question and defining the target audience, objective, message and budget are among the first steps. This will help determine the appropriate media channels and frequency of the message. Your advertising objectives may include:

  • Positioning yourself as experts or thought leaders
  • Gaining publicity
  • Cross-selling services
  • Reinforcing or introducing a message

Take advantages of opportunities to strategically incorporate content into the campaign; this will help build credibility within the community and position yourself as thought leaders. CPAsNET can work with you to leverage the key message in the marketplace through multiple channels.  

What will the ad look or sound like?
Once the plan is in place, the ad can be articulated. CPAsNET can help with the brainstorming, drafting and/or finalizing of the advertisement. There are many ways to incorporate thought leadership into an advertisement. For example, an article addressing a timely topic that affects clients paired with a visual can help re-inforce your message.

Where will the ad appear and how often?
It is important the message reaches the right audience. A member firm recently allocated $500 to Facebook advertising. At the end of their 5 week campaign their ad was clicked over 700 times and seen by nearly 8,000 business owners in their defined geographic marketplace. CPAsNET can research possible options in your market and work directly with the publications on your behalf.

Monitor results
Track the campaign and follow up with publications. If the ad is digital, you will have access to real-time metrics such as clicks, impressions and reach. If the ad is traditional you can track the number of phone calls or emails received. Was there an increase in website traffic? Did your social media following grow? These are all indicators that the campaign is working. At the end of a campaign it is beneficial to compile the data and determine the benefits as well as how it can be improved the next time around.

Integrated Marketing
With the number of channels available to interact with clients, prospects and the community growing, firms must consider new ways to incorporate multiple approaches that reinforce their message. Consumers are exposed to an incredible amount of information each day. Adopting a multi-channel approach is increasingly important because you never know exactly where they will choose to engage with you. Leveraging a simple concept multiple ways will expand your reach and keep you top of mind. It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and consider branching out by authoring an article, advertising on social media, sponsoring an event – anything to create a buzz.

Revamping an advertising campaign to include thought leadership is a great goal for 2017. There are many ways to create a buzz on a budget. CPAsNET can help you with as little or as much of this process. Call us today!

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